Repay Me

Innocent till proven guilty so the claim, But to them its all just part of the game/   Cause first it’s off to jail you go, It hasn’t been proven yet so nobody knows/  So even though there is a doubt, I have to pay to be let out/  Since it is suppose to be […]

Only the Beginning….

On January 15, 2015 at around 4:30 pm a douglas county sheriff knocked on my door. As I opened the door, the sheriff seeming surprised I had, proceeded to inform me that he was sorry but my daughter had been removed from my custody at school. He stated he wasn’t sure the reason but the […]


*PARENTAL ALIENATION* 309.81 PTSD 309.24 Adjustment Disorder with mixed emotions V61.29 Affected by Parental Relationship Distress V15.42 Personal Past Childhood Psychological Abuse Attachment Suppression – Child seeks to end relationship with targeted parent (normal range parenting considered) I have been claiming PTSD from beginning I have not changed her diagnosis in my own head. 1. […]


1. Took my savings so I couldnt leave and go to Des Moines 2. She kept letters from me and told me years later 3. She joked that i should have been wandas daughter not hers 4. She bought my kids things they werent allowed to bring home with them 5. She told me I […]


Capta Definition of Child Abuse/ Neglect- Any recent act or failure to act on the part of the parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm or creates imminent risk of serious harm. Failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, or emotional support Emotional Neglect- Isolating a child, not providing affection or […]

Nebraska case law

*NEBRASKA CASE LAW* *Daneille D. 257 Neb 193, 595 NW 2d 344 (1999)* *Brian B 268 Neb 870* Judge may hear action to vacate own judgement *Chicago B & QRR v Kellogg 55 Neb affirming 54 Neb 138, 74Nw 403* *Waters v Raker 1 Neb 830, 96 NW 78(1901)* Record must be personally waived DMB […]


1. What are the specific behaviors that cause you to believe mothers mental health is deteriorating? 2. In the beginning Kiyah was motivated to receive therapy for mothers actions, so why has she been reluctant to talk about mother or the visits between them 3. How would Mary have any knowledge of ability to maintain […]

timeline emails

Tmeline February 2015 Feb. 27 12:43 pm Chelsie email saying she worked to get one visit worker     March 2015 Mar 9 3:05 pm Chelsie email saying verlee is new worker and reason for change was needing a bilingual worker on another case Mar 11 Email to verify address Mar 19 10:31 am Emergenwwcy […]


In June 2016, at a hearing, a date was set for August 16, 2016. On July 28, 2016, the judge, on his own motion, changed the hearing to August 23. I was not informed of this change until after the hearing took place. At that hearing, the judge suspended the visits between my daughter and […]