Repay Me

Innocent till proven guilty so the claim, But to them its all just part of the game/   Cause first it’s off to jail you go, It hasn’t been proven yet so nobody knows/  So even though there is a doubt, I have to pay to be let out/  Since it is suppose to be […]

Only the Beginning….

On January 15, 2015 at around 4:30 pm a douglas county sheriff knocked on my door. As I opened the door, the sheriff seeming surprised I had, proceeded to inform me that he was sorry but my daughter had been removed from my custody at school. He stated he wasn’t sure the reason but the […]

I think I can……..sounds good anyway

*Paragraph 1-6 not relevant due to time passed, change in circumstances shown in affidavit, and incident had been part of a closed investigation because mother  had already corrected the conditions leading to intervention, so there was no need for removal then or at time of this report.*Paragraph 1-6 not relevant due to time passed, change […]

Judge or Criminal?

Im horrified at what is happening to me and my daughter. I have reached out to dozens of groups, lawyers, advocates, caseworkers as well as their supervisors, and the GAL and “professionals”  involved with my case. Still, I have found no one who is willing or able to help us get justice.  It appears, to […]

People continue to tell me who I am,  as if they know me better than I know myself. That was probably true for a long time. Now that I know that my thoughts and actions have been focused on the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, I have begun to differentiate between what I was […]

The answer is Yes

When you discuss your feelings with your mother, does she try to top the feeling with her own?  yes When you discuss your feelings with your mother, does she try to top the feeling with her own?  yesDoes your mother act jealous of you? Does your mother lack empathy for your feelings?  yes Does your […]


Part 1 On September 20, 2016, a hearing took place in the separate juvenile court of douglas county to decide whether the mothers(a pro se litigant) visit should be suspended with her seven-year old daughter. The reason stated was that the mother had made threats to case professionals and therefore safety to the child was […]


Im in so much pain and nobody cares. There are all these articles and studies and facts. They all say that what I’m experiencing is one of the most traumatic psychological experiences for someone to have. Yet, here I am alone facing the whole world cause no one believes that it could possibly be as […]


Seems to me as if everyone wants to be able to control someone else. They dont like what they say or do or believe so they try to change them. They try to control them by making them not do or do certain things. As children we know we have to listen to our parents […]