Repay Me

Innocent till proven guilty so the claim, But to them its all just part of the game/   Cause first it’s off to jail you go, It hasn’t been proven yet so nobody knows/  So even though there is a doubt, I have to pay to be let out/  Since it is suppose to be […]

Only the Beginning….

On January 15, 2015 at around 4:30 pm a douglas county sheriff knocked on my door. As I opened the door, the sheriff seeming surprised I had, proceeded to inform me that he was sorry but my daughter had been removed from my custody at school. He stated he wasn’t sure the reason but the […]

Another Family Destroyed

If it wasn’t enough that she has stolen my kids, bought me presents for Christmas from them, signed them herself, she also picked out 3 books from her collection to give me as gifts……They are CROSS, Trial, and The Lost all by James Patterson, our favorite author. The first chapter in The Lost in entitled […]

supplied] Lehr v. Robertson, 463 US 248, 257-258 (1983) the Court has found that the relationship of love and duty in a recognized family unit is an interest in liberty entitled to Constitutional protection … “State intervention to terminate such a relationship … must be accomplished by procedures meeting the requisites of the Due Process […]

Haunting Words

  Carol was youngest of 2 girls, met my father at age 12, married at 19, pregnant with me(only child) at 22. Carol experienced menopause early which prevented her from having any more children as she desired around age 25. Carol’s husband, and mother, and mother in law all died around same time Cindi gave birth to Devon. […]

I feel

More than anything  I feel anger and frustration over the injustice taking place not only against my daughter and I, but against the many families being terrorized by an agency whos job is to protect them. So many children ripped from loving homes. So many parent left empty and lost, feeling completely helpless to protect […]

Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment — Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

An attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA) – as described in Foundations – is not a “theory” – it is diagnosis. Diagnosis is the application of standard and established constructs and principles to a set of symptoms. Diagnosis. A foundational principle of clinical psychology is that assessment leads to diagnosis, and diagnosis guides treatment. The […] […]

Chaos — Perfectly Imperfect

I have been through an unbelievable amount of change and suffered an endless amount of trauma over the last few years with no end in sight yet. One thing after another after another continues to plague my world and it has continued with little room to breathe in between it all. I’ve had to make […] […]


Does the count change or is there a governor to stop it at 99