Oxymoronic System

When will you someone really start caring about our kids

Noone in this system is interested in what is in the best interest of the children except the parents whom they have been taken and kept from. The parents who are made to look like the bad guys while the ones meant to protect our kids are lying, committing treason, perjury, violating rights, and disobeying laws and their own mission statements and goals. Noone will stand up to the ones doing wrong for fear of retaliation. Well I will. I will not stop. This is fair warning to all involved in this corruption. YOU ALL WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. You have harrassed my family and tore us apart for your own ego and financial or personal benefits and i will not sit back and allow the injustice and further trauma to my child being caused by state workers and corrupt judges who have lost their morals and common sense.. This is a system that is in itself an oxymoron, over run with power, controlled by greed and carried out by morons with no common sense or training


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