Only the Beginning….

On January 15, 2015 at around 4:30 pm a douglas county sheriff knocked on my door. As I opened the door, the sheriff seeming surprised I had, proceeded to inform me that he was sorry but my daughter had been removed from my custody at school. He stated he wasn’t sure the reason but the summons was on its way to us, being brought by someone else. The removal was the result of an I, nvestigation which I was not even aware of occurring until that time, even though my child, my mother, and her father had already been interviewed a few days prior. I was never informed and no attempt to contact me was made per the testimony of sarah brock, the intake worker.

Based on documents attached to the summons I received, the hotline received a call alleging that I was using meth on a daily basis. Although that was the only concern raised in the call, the petition added engaging in domestic violence and untreated mental health as well. These were the reason stated for exisgent circumstances which have never been specified any further than that or made clear by any facts to support it at all. The summons signed and dated January 16, 2015 was hand to me one day before it was signed and dated. It was delivered to me on the 15, the same day my daughter was taken.The basis for this was set out in exhibit A, a document consisting entirely of heresy, lies, slander, and irrelevant “facts” that provide a false perception of danger or risk where none truly existed at all.12 days after my child was removed, I had my first appearance hearing. I denied allegations and the case was set for trial with Kyah remaining in placement pending adjudications. A pretrial hearing took place without my knowledge or her father or I present and the court waived the record of it. The pretrial was on Feb. 9. The trial was set for April 13, 2015, 4 months after my child was taken. I was adjudicated on engaging in d.v. in presence of my child and drug charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. The state admitted an IDI done on my daughter by Mary Atwood of Reliable Rock. Upon inspecting the doc post trial I discovererd 2 separate IDI’s mixed together as one with Exhibit #11 on the front page. They had 2 different phone numbers, different addresses, different letterheads, and what appear to be different signatures claimed to have been done by the same lady at the same time and day. One of them contained lots of false statements and the other one said nothing negative about me or false in any way. Neither mention any trauma occurring due to witnessing domestiv violence. No safety concerns raised either.

My Public defender left Nebraska shortly after trial ended without filing requested appeal. When I brought the IDI to the attention of my new public defender she told me I was extremely paranoid so I fired her and have been pro se since June 2015. Within the first 6 months of this case, perjury, malfeasance , slander, forgery, treason, and violations of constitutionally protected rights have continued to occur and be allowed by Judge Daniels maliciously in an attempt to conspire with state to destroy the relationship between my child and me for financial and personal benefits. They have knowingly and intentionally acted negligently with regard to our rights as well as the health and safety of both my daughter and I. juris


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