My Plea

I have worked extremely hard to prove, not only that i am a fit parent, but a very good mother, to people I never should have had to prove it to, because the only one who matters is my daughter. In the beginning of this removal (Number 3) my daughter stated loud and clear who she wanted to live with and who she was happiest with.

Since my visits have been stopped as of August, the state and my mother have been maliciously carrying out their plan at alienating me from a little girl who was not abused/ neglected before intervention but is now being brainwashed and abused psychologically  in a placement that she never should have been required to be in. I was adjudicated on engaging in D.V. but never charged with it and according to ________________Is not sufficient reason for removal as long as my efforts to ensure her safety were sufficient which is evidenced by the previous investigation as well as facts in the affidavit attached to the original petition for removal. (the original hotline call only alleged drug use that was unfounded due to lack of evidence at trial and was made by her father who had clear motive and stated that motive in court report)

The severe alienation and brainwashing is clearly made evident in therapy notes, visit notes, and court reports showing growing anger, worsening behavior, and changing attitude toward me and others as time has gone on. The state has aided my  mother with your help by further allowing such reckless disregard for the truth. An example of which is the IDI performed by Mary  in Feb. 2015. The major errors in her report amount to libel and reckless disregaard because the evidence proving otherwise is public information, such as incarcerations, suicide attempts, and prenatal exposure to meth by , all of which are not true and would have been simple to confirm or invalidate. I have been consistently addressing my concerns to workers, her father, the GAL, and you Judge only to be all but ignored entirely and in some instances even had the blame placed on me.

My mother has connections in my daughters school and many other places that have als made this fairly simple for her to carry out and your unnecessary invasion of our lives constantly has only made it that much easier for her to destroy the bond we have and any semblance of a normal life for us as well maliciously.

Now I have more than enough hard facts and circumstantial evidence to guarantee reasonably that if I take this to a higher court, I will win. I can show far above a preponderance of evidence of these crimes and violations of our rights which leaves only one decision that is logical or in the best interest and safety of my daughter. That is to place her back home with me where she was wrongly removed from under false allegations so we can begin to heal and repair the damage that you have helped cause.


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