Not long ago I was traumatized, naive at best plus I was ill-advised>Lost and confused I felt so alone, I just wanted my baby back home

Forced to cooperate or choose to prolong> my mind had to remind my heart to be strong

Knowing that its wrong wont make it right> She needed me so I chose not to fight,

I did what I had to as any good mother would> But Ill never forget, I’m sure I never could,

The day is still so vivid in my memory>I clearly remember the frightened look you gave me

Helpless and powerless is how I felt> As I strapped you into the back seat belt,

Unable to protect you from what was happening, As they drove you away, I started panicking,

Hysterically crying, desperate to hold you> realizing even as your mom there was nothing I could do,

The next few months I lived in hell, So much I had to say but noone to tell,

Ahead of the system, I quickly complied> the only way to get you home was for me to abide. 

                                                        Cyn 2010


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