To whom it may concern…..

There is a desperate cry for help rising from the children and parents today in the ONCE GREAT country we live in. While the driving force behind this injustice is really only speculation and opinions of those involved, The results of this horrible deception are uniformly similar in every state, in ever city, in far too many loving homes with perfectly fit parents who face losing the most important, irreplaceable and greatest gift we could have. Our children are the reason some parents make it through the day. So what happens when our reason to keep going is wrongly and suddenly snatched away? I know first hand that most don’t and never will care, but not only are these our babies to protect and teach and raise but these same kids are America’s future. Between the effect removal has on mothers and fathers and the even more tramatizing effect it has on children, if someone doesn’t help stop them from kidnapping kids and destroying families, this ONCE GREAT country will be crippled with extremely traumatized adults, who have unhealthy relationships, violent outburst of rage, ad random break downs making it impossible to live freely as an outstanding citizen if they choose to live at all.

People pretend to be so concerned with parents and how we raise our kids or choose to live. They are outraged if a child dies or is injured by a caretaker or at the hands of government. So tell me why not one word of objection or anger when a parent dies or commits suicide after having their parental rights terminated or their visits ended that they live for, with no real reason given.

It is the burden of the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. But that burden, though still the states responsibility, is quite a bit more broad, generalized and lenient when it is a family or juvenile court involved. Beyond a reasonable doubt suddenly becomes a preponderance of the evidence and just about anything they claim is taken as factual. It is regarded with greater credibility than those telling the truth. The parents doing the best they can to love, guide, and protect their children in this increasingly unsafe world are discarded as liars, or uneducated in the area of raising children, or unfit. Strangers who continuously search for anything they can work with to get away with kidnapping, fraud, perjury, malfeasance, and far worse abuse or neglect on our kids than most allegations ever claim parents guilty of.

Then there’s the harsh reality that even the case workers are given more kindness and worry about their emotional state due to how traumatizing removal can be for them. The only people given no time, or thought as to the trauma or how they would be affected by the states actions is the parents. The ones who brought the child into the world and would, without hesitation, sacrifice their own lives for. Social workers are equivalent to strangers to us and our kids. So why are we suppose to allow or be fine with them talking to or providing personal information to some “Stranger” just based on employment with some state agency.

Parents quickly realize that no one is on their side and so many start losing hope or giving up all together. So many stories of parents committing suicide after losing their children go unheard. The media, judges, lawyers, therapist, visitation specialist and CASA are all controlled by fear of retaliation on them or their own families that they refuse to speak out against them. Others are controlled by money and greed and personal or professional gain.

In my case specifically, I have proof as well as plenty of circumstantial evidence supporting corruption and laws broken, lies, negligence, abuse of power, libel, defamation, forgery and the list goes on and on. Even with all of that I still do not have custody or even visitation with my daughter. I cannot speak to her on the phone or even see her from a distance. The reason for this is me being a victim of domestic violence 7 ms before she was removed and threatening to sue the state for violating our rights. I have challenged jurisdiction of court 2 separate times and been completely ignored both times as if it is all a joke.

I have been representing myself to the dismay of the judge who has repeatedly stated that i will lost my child if i continue to represent myself. My child’s father made the false allegations originally accusing me only of drug use. I was adjudicated for engaging in domestic violence yet never accused. The drug allegation were unfounded due to lack of evidence. Even though her father made the call she was removed from him as well for claiming to have used drugs with mother in the past.

My family needs help. I can pay for a lawyer but it seems i can not find one willing to even discuss my case or give me the time of day. They ones who do are not willing to fight this in its entirety as I am demanding. They want me to do as I’m told and after already doing so twice before with compliments from the same judge and GAL on my bond and parenting skills with my daughter, I am unwilling to let the harassment and destruction of my family happen any longer


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