My anger is entirely justified, yet it is used against me to claim that i am a danger to her. That assertion makes no sense at all considering the only reason I have any anger to begin with is because she was taken from me without justification. I am being prevented from being her mother and doing my job to protect her. They took her, then they claimed i was a safety issue to keep her from me. It is assumed that any good parent would do whatever was necessary to save their children from harm if it was being carried out by any average stranger or civilian. Yet, even with this general knowledge, when the state does the same, it is the parents who are wrong for feeling angry. They blame us for not being ¨fit¨ to raise our children, and then get upset when we do exactly what a ¨fit¨ parent would do under those circumstances….use our anger and pain to fight for our children´s safety and well being. The only difference between the state and a stranger is the authority the state has been given BY US. We must consent to be governed for them to have any power to take our children from us……….So why are we sitting here allowing them to continue to harm our babies when we are the only ones who can take that power away from them. It is us, the parents of these innocent victims that hold all the power in reality, not them. This government has a very arrogant and self serving attitude about what role they play in our lives on a day to day basis. They act as though they have been given their power by God himself and that anything they choose to say or do is justified in the ¨best interest” of these children. The reality however is far different from the imaginary world they are living in and we are allowing them to control. The reality is that, with the right knowledge, we control them. We are their rulers. We are their ¨God¨ so to speak and we are the ones who possess the unalienable right to raise our children in the manner we see fit as ¨fit¨ parents. It is a proven fact that parents naturally do what is best for their children because it is human nature to do so. It is not the norm for a parent to harm their children, but the exception. In today´s world this statement seems to be flipped and people put forth the appearance of believing that when the state is involved you did something to cause them to be there. This is the first thing that needs to change. People need to realize that these agencies are taking children for nothing more than dishes in the sink, or dirty clothes on the floor, or allegations that were false from the start made by vicious, malicious, spiteful individuals who want revenge for some thing that has nothing to do with our children. It is a case of automatic defamation of character because once they remove our kids we are labeled or judged as neglectful or abusive and treated as such, not just by the court but the world in general. If my spouse abuses me out of the blue one day, with the children any where near the incident, they will come and remove them from the care of even the victim of the assault, further traumatizing an already traumatized family. It is believed and acknowledged that a protection agency should ¨PROTECT¨ the children. Never under any circumstances should the families situation be made worse by the agency assigned to help make it better. So to all the parents and non parents out there who are under the impression that the majority of the parents in this country are unfit or abusive, think long and hard about your judgments and beliefs because if we continue to let this happen in this country and all over the world, it will not be long before your children will be next……..Think about it.…….They are coming for yours very soon, you can count on it. No one is immune or safe and when that time arrives, who will help you get justice and demand the return of your precious children if you have discounted all the ones who are fighting already. We are the ones all of you will call when the same thing happens to you. We are the parents you will turn to crying for help. WE ARE THE ONES YOU ARE GOING TO NEED!!!!y


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