No Matter where we go


Its better than the alternative, yet still so much less than we should give
It almost seems forced, or very distant, and it all could be over forever in an instant
Neither one of us want to let go, Yet we are both caught in the undertoe
Gasping for air in and out of the water, while the temperature keeps getting hotter
Noone but me and you around to help, Its the most hopeless feeling I’ve ever felt
I’m losing the strength needed to fight, and at times acting entirely out of spite
What I once prayed would last forever, has become something I wish we could sever
I can’t pretend to be O.K., when i still cry so much everyday
Regardless of who’s to blame or why, I believe there’s no choice but to say goodbye
But before I do, you must know, You are a part of me, no matter where we go


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