What Matters Most

As I was sitting at home trying to decide how and what I was going to say here tonight, the biggest question I had to ask myself is what is the most important information for me to relay to you in the short time i have your much appreciated attention. I was prepared to start listing the violations, lies, and malicious acts taking place throughout the entirety of this case. Then I realized that what I am really here for is not about them or what they have done at all. It is about my daughter. The little girl who not once but twice now has been taken from her mother due to false allegations made by those closest to us. I have proven to my children and to the courts my committment to them previously and in record time. I was given compliments and praised for my bond with my daughter and my parenting skills by the same GAL and Judge presiding over this case just a couple of years prior to them removing her in Jan of 2015. To my knowledge, the information you have in the NFOCUS records is not correct regarding my previous history of interventions so I don’t believe looking through those would provide any other accurate information. I was given custody of her back in only seven months with no objections from anyone involved. I completed intensive outpatient treatment which I paid for myself, i maintained employment, provided stable environment and home for my daughter. In between her return and the current placement, I was investigated 3 more times including a phone call investigation from Nebraska DHS after moving to California in Jan of 2014 with my fiance and daughter. We returned home in June of 2014 to Omaha, and a domestic fight occurred that I was the victim of and my parents helped me move my belongings out of the perpetrators home at that time, which is stated in the affidavit for removal. My daughter began temporarily staying with my mother until I got back on my feet and could provide what she needed. In November of 2014, I had moved into a 2 bedroom home on 16 and victor and was beginning to transition Kiyah back home with me but had not gotten a refrigerator or stove yet so my mother was still helping with transportation to and from school and meals. Then on Jan 15, 2015 she was removed from my custody while at school under exigent circumstances stemming from a call made by her father, who I was ending the relationship with, claiming daily meth use. I was not aware of this investigation even happening, because i was never contacted by a worker and not informed by family as reported in the affidavit. No domestic violence was reported in the original calls allegations but there was no evidence of drug use at trial and I was adjudicated on engaging in domestic violence in front of my daughter. I can not deny what happened nor have I ever tried, however, we were the victims of this violence. I removed both of us immediately from the situation, and my daughter was found to be safe by the same intake worker during the investigation that took place against Richard(my ex fiance) directly after it happened and the case was closed. There was no longer a domestic violence issue in Jan.2015 and had not been for seven months prior to this call. I have never displayed any violent aggression towards anyone in this case, only justified anger, courteous refusal to do what they unjustly want me to do once again, and threats to file suits against those who are violating our rights and causing enormous psychological and emotional distress to both of us for the second time without real cause or true justification. I have had steady employment, i am the co-owner of a beautiful 3 bedroom home in Millard less than a block away from the school that is practically in my back yard. The private subdivision I live in has sidewalks in the back of the homes away from the street and two different parks throughout. My daughter has written two letters to the judge requesting to see me cause she misses me and has stated numerous times to numerous individuals that she wants to live with me. I have not seen her since September last year and i am miserable without her. I have been maintaining my home and job and have given no reason for them to recommend psych eval or chem dependency evals. I love my daughter and I will and have done everything that is necessary to make sure my daughter is healthy and happy and loved and most of all safe. I have shown my commitment to them and this has become nothing but harassment that is destroying my family, but worst of all it is hurting my little girl and has left me helpless, in fact almost erased completely from being her mother in any way as im not even allowed a telephone call to her. She is being severely alienated from me and told bad things about me and even though I have brought this to the attention of all the professionals, blaming me for it is the only response I have ever gotten from any of them. I need my daughter and she needs me and this has been allowed to happen to us for far too long. So in conclusion i am asking that you please do the right thing that no one else has cared to do for my daughter, for me, and for the sake of my small family that is my whole world. Please end this pain and trauma being caused to us both and send her back home. I give my word I will protect her with my life, which is far more than any of these “professionals” relying on false information will ever do. That is what i came here for, to save her, everything else is irrelevant and a waste of your time. Thank you for listening.


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