Slave Master Monster

I don’t regret deciding to stay with you, the blame is mine for the pain your putting me through/ I should have saw it as too good to be, but maybe down deep I didn’t want to see/ I just longed for you to mean everything, even though your words were constantly changing/ Still I dont regret my decision, I just wish you had left out the provision/ I was happy and excited with how it was, Told everyone how much I loved you just because/ It felt good to say hes cool for once, cause I’ve made excuses for you a bunch/ People think you control me somehow, cause I abide to what you wont allow/ I am the one shown in a bad light, Cause I give in or get pinned every time we fight/ I really enjoyed when I felt you were my partner, Instead of my cruel, evil slave master monster

——-Cyn 2012


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