Terroristic Torture

The State of Nebraska, the GAL, and the courts have shown a callous disregard for the truth and an arrogant recklessness in violating the fundamental and GOD given rights of my family and I.

This, in turn, has incited fear in our protectors and caused a real concern for our safety and a need for protection from further forced trauma of emotional and psychological abuse by our own government. These unjust acts could easily be described as terroristic torture and malicious destruction of this countries humanity and familial bonds of attachment. These acts are so unimaginable that they would eat away at the souls of even the most hardened criminals and murderers, who, in truth, have more contact with their children from their jail cells than my daughter and I have been afforded from day one. 

These unlawful acts have made countless parents and children alike fear those who are supposed to be there to protect us. They have induced intense anger at the system and judiciary that most of us would have never had to experience had the state truly acted in the “best interest” of anyone other than their own pockets and personal agendas. Our future is at great risk of being over run with traumatized adults, suffering from PTSD and depression and a whole host of other mental health issues if someone doesn’t stand up to the monsters that have been given the extreme power to choose to actually preserve our families or to entirely, and intentionally destroy each and every one of them. While our children pay the highest cost, Nobody is immune, no one is safe, Anyone could be next, And Eventually Everyone will suffer.


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