I feel

More than anything  I feel anger and frustration over the injustice taking place not only against my daughter and I, but against the many families being terrorized by an agency whos job is to protect them. So many children ripped from loving homes. So many parent left empty and lost, feeling completely helpless to protect their babies from the trauma brought upon them by this agency claiming to be doing what is in our children’s best interest.

The agency never bothers to look at the effect their involvement has or if it may make and already volatile situation worse for every family member involved, including the child. In fact, in my research, I have found more studies related to the trauma of the caseworker due to removing children from their homes than I can find related to the parents trauma from removing their children from them. Most of these caseworkers do not care enough to be traumatized by their actions or there would be less frequent false and unfounded, illegal removals and more in home services and reunification taking place. These parents, most of whom are loving, and caring parents, though not perfect, do not deserve to endure being without their children nor do the children deserve to be taken from the only safety they have ever known based on opinions and false allegations or anything less than danger to their life or limb. The parents are all but forgotten about, stripped of any voice or say in the future of their family. They are often times treated worse than a criminal. They find themselves with no rights, assigned lawyers paid for by the same people going against them.


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