Haunting Words


Carol was youngest of 2 girls, met my father at age 12, married at 19, pregnant with me(only child) at 22.

Carol experienced menopause early which prevented her from having any more children as she desired around age 25.

Carol’s husband, and mother, and mother in law all died around same time Cindi gave birth to Devon. 1999 Cindi was a young  mother and Carol helped alot causing her to become extremely attached to Devon quickly.

When Cindi moved away from home with Devon Carol began making false allegations to child services every so often in an attempt to force Cindi to let Devon stay with her

18 Years later it is still happening only now she has turned her focus to my daughter because my son is leaving for the Marines. I should have been able to see the signs long ago, but i was naive and blind. I never could have imagined my mother doing this or being the person or thing I know she has become and maybe has always been.

I hear her eery statements and feel her control over my life daily, as she has enmeshed herself in every aspect that would aid her in her efforts to erase me from my own life. . The echos of things she said in the days, weeks, and months before my “awakening”  will forever  haunt me.

“I Failed with you Cindi,” Carol stated. (on numerous occasions)

  1. “You get Kiyah the little Elsa castle for Christmas cause we got her the big one for our house,” Carol stated. Christmas 2014
  2. Carol said, “I don’t want to do this, I didn’t want it to be this way.” (in reference  to testifying in court. April 12, 2015
  3. Charlie said you have no job, no home, and are with a man who beats you. (despite the fact that he never has any interaction with mother at all, in fact mother was reluctant to even explain what was happening or have contact to begin with)( Charlie, Kiyah, the GAL, the therapist, and Bradell have all used the exact same wording throughout the course of this case because all information is coming directly or indirectly from Carol.) I had a job, a home, as my visits were approved there, and I had not been in a violent relationship for months prior.
  4. On October 11, Mike said, “that’s why you dropped kiyah off and abandon her for two months.” which is an unintentional false statement, due to Carol’s lies and manipulation.
  5. Carol repeatedly asked Cindi if she was ready to get some help, and Cindi explained to her that she was doing fine and generally happy. Dec 2014
  6. Mike stated, “Cindi has rights too Carol” when Carol became upset that Cindi would not take a drug test like she wanted. Nov. 2013
  7. Carol told Cindi she had a million dollar tax bill and maybe it was time Cindi started paying Carols bills for her. March 2015
  8. Carol took Kiyah to the Childrens Museum on the morning i planned our afternoon visit there. May 2015
  9. Carol always had Cindi meet her somewhere or pick money or materials up from the mailbox cause she claimed she didn’t want Mike to know or see me. 2014
  10. Carol has told Cindi numerous times that she was hard to love.
  11. Carol falsely claims Cindi took Kiyah from her house yet says that she took Kiyah back and forth to school and fed her supper. Contradicting statement   2015
  12. Carol told Cindi visits could occur in her home and told the workers the opposite claiming hostile relationship as the reason, which is not true
  13.  Tthe altercation that occured where Cindi head butted Carol to defend herself because bradell was holding her arms back and Carol hit Cindi, began because Cndi was objecting to leaving Kiyah at her house when there was a disagreement between us, and they were forcing her to. Oct 2014
  14. Carol claimed she informed Cindi of the invesitgation which she did not therefore Cindi did not have a chance to refuse to participate as reported
  15. Carol told Cindi that Kiyah had grinded her teeth all the way down and never said anything again even when asked by Cindi.
  16. Carol never informed either of Kiyah’s parents about Parent/Teacher confereneces claiming hat shse “forgot to tell us” 2014
  17. Told Heather that she wouldnt have let Cindi take Kiyah to Cali if Heather wasn’t there already. 2014
  18. Told Bradell that i would eventually go back to RJ.  2014
  19. Carol never witnessed any violence or anyone behaving irrationally.
  20. She has turned my entire family against me essentially weening me out of the family. I have been being erased.
  21. Said Devon didn’t want to come home due to Bradell not interacting with him and us arguing. Told Devon I was too busy and had too much with new baby.
  22. Frequently bought my children toys which they were not allowed to bring home with them to make them want to be there.
  23. Bought me winter clothing for christmas the year i was leaving for California. 2013
  24. Gave me books entitled The lost, The trial, and Cross which is about a motherless child and the detective father trying to find her killer. 2016
  25. Told Kiyaha that she drove by the school everyday to make sure Mommy didn’t forget her. 2014
  26. Carol asked Cindi when time to transition Kiyah home came, “why can’t we raise the kids together?” Cindi repied because they arent your children. 2014
  27. Scheduled appt for Bradell and Cindi to take Kiyah to a separate doctor tan her normal care physician. 2014
  28. Carol refused to let Kiyah show our family the shirt we made together for her to wear. claiming they were not interested in seeing it. 2014 thanksgiving
  29. Carol made me a whole pan of my favorite pie to coerce me into not attending thefamily holiday. Carol knew Cindi did not like being around alot of people for long periods of time and used that to her advantage.
  30. Built A bedroom for Kiyah and instructed Kiyah not to tell Mommy cause it would hurt her feelings. 2014
  31. Carol stopped letting Cindi come to her house except for christmas eve, when Cindi felt they were almost too nice to her and mentioned it to several of her friends at the time. 2014
  32. Carol forged Cindis signature on school documents to enroll Kiyah in Florence against Cindi’s wishes and informed her after it was done.
  33. Carol planned a trip to take children to Disney world at the same time as it was feared the world would end.Dec 2012. Cindi has had recurring nightmares about not being able to find her children when the world was ending and Carol had knwledge of this and took advantage once again of Cindi’s fears.
  34. Blamed others for calling cps numerous times including blaming Bradell
  35. Carol told Cindi to Manipulate the manipulator in reference to how she should deal with Bradell and how he treated her at times
  36. Lied to boss causing Cindi to get evicted and fired from her resident manager job at an apartment complex. 2013
  37. Claims Cindis boss told her she was a bad grandmother for letting  the kids stay with someone who uses drugs.
  38. Carol has friended most of my childhood friends on facebook.
  39. Carol has very close friends and family who work at Florence and the TAC building
  40. Stopped telling me about any of Devonyles school activities though i frequently expressed my desire to be told. She blamed Devon for being forgetful teenager.
  41. Carol told RJ and his family i was a gold digger who just wanted to be taken care of. 2014
  42. Carol never told us about Kiyah having nightmares. We found out after removal in the reports.
  43. Carol and Cindi had a mutual agreement to ensure kiyahs needs and safety were met while Cindi got back on her feet after leaving Rj due to the only D.V. that occured in June 2014
  44. Carol coerced Cindi into letting Kiyah stay there stating that CPS couldnt come take her if she was at Carols
  45. Carol could not have knowledge of my behaviors or activities as her and Cindi have not spoken since this case began in 2015 with exception of a few text messages
  46. Carol told cindi that they were building an office not a bedroom for Kiyah
  47. Carol asked Cindi what a meth pipe was called. Nov 2014
  48. Carol took Devons phne from him at the start of this case and has refused to allow Cindi contact with either of her children though Devon is legally in cindi’s custody.
  49. Carol pretended she was Cindi and called her doctor and told them I was an addict and not to prsecribe me any habit forming drugs, even though i have been going to same Dr. my whole life and never asked for pain pills or been suspected of using prescription drugs.
  50. Carol told Cindi it was her fault for being the victim of dv because Cindi should have known it was going to happen.
  51. Bought Mary poppins for Kiyah to watch after she was informed i thought she should see it with me
  52. Was planning on having Kiyah fly alone back to omaha from Cali in summer of 2014 until Mother strongly objected.
  53. Carol blocked me from FB prior to removal
  54. Carol schedules activities for Kiyah she know will interfere with visit times.
  55. Carol seemed spiteful at christmas when cindi requested that she be allowed to see kids on christmas instead of being alone and Carol replied you wont be alone you have bradell.
  56. Charlie told me to leave Kiyah with my Mom and go find myself for a while before he threatened me in Fb message then blocked me
  57. Carol told Kiyah that Mommy  may forget her but Popcorn never will
  58. Carol told the Gal that she cant help both me and Kiyah                                                                                                                                                          If you have read this to the end I would like to hear your opinions. I would appreciate any feed back or thoughts on your thoughts on this subject. I have been trying to explain this to people in my life with no success. How would would these things make you feel if you were in my shoes? How did reading the things m mother has said or done to me make you feel or what did it make you think?

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