Another Family Destroyed

If it wasn’t enough that she has stolen my kids, bought me presents for Christmas from them, signed them herself, she also picked out 3 books from her collection to give me as gifts……They are CROSS, Trial, and The Lost all by James Patterson, our favorite author. The first chapter in The Lost in entitled Demon Begone….Now I know most people wouldn’t think much of this but considering what is going on in our lives right now, Id have to say that she is almost “laughing in my face.” She thinks she is hot shit because I lost at the protection order hearing….But she doesn’t realize that I know far more than she thinks about what is really going on. I may be behind in the race but I’m gaining ground fast now, so she might want to think about how much she torments me or how much more pain she inflicts on me and my children. Cause unlike her I know what love is and I know how to be there for my children and I would and will do anything necessary to get justice and see that those responsible for all this pain and trauma don’t go unpunished or unnoticed. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and even then, we wont be around to hear it anyways. I will not let this end until my daughter is safe with me. In fact I wont ever stop fighting those who are guilty. There will always be another child or mother or father that suffers horribly at the hands of child services. If someone doesn’t stick it out to the end to make sure justice is served then it will continue to destroy thousands of our families each year and soon this country will become more poverty stricken and lost than ever. This agency is tearing down this country brick by brick, layer by layer, and are succeeding due to money, and powerful crooked human beings with far too much arrogance and not enough intelligence or compassion.


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