Any Answers Anyone?

So the hardest part of everything I have recently discovered is that the people around me that I have to confide in don’t really understand the extent to which my mother has and will go to hurt me. While I understand their hesitation and some of the doubt, because I myself am still shocked when I realize some other sneaky thing she did that i was clueless to at the time, I need validation from someone that I’m not crazy. Thats part of what she did to gain the control she has had. She made me and everyone else believe I was crazy and needed help. I know that isn’t true but it doesn’t help when those around still minimize whats happening or act as though I am exaggerating. I am so sane and mentally present at this period of time in my life im shocked that I am maintaining so well. I think clearly, i can focus most times, i remain positive, and in control. I know what I want and what steps I need to take to get there. I know the laws of my case and the facts inside and out, down to the letter. My trouble is not being able to speak, to put into words my thoughts and knowledge in a way that others will listen and be able to understand. Its like I’m vomiting my words every time I open my mouth. It all comes out in a rush, a jumbled mess of chaos that makes no sense and appears to be paranoid rambling from someone they have already determined through rumors is crazy and needs mental help. None of them are willing to listen before I even open my mouth because they have already decided that what my mother (and her flying monkeys) have told them is truth and nothing I say is going to make them see her lies. She has been working on this for a long time. She has plotted and planned and researched and prepared for this and I was naive, unaware and unprepared. So now that i have the insight that I have and try telling those closest to me, they don’t really get it. My mother has been the same person to them my whole life as she has been to all the rest. A good outstanding person who pays taxes and doesn’t do drugs or anything “illegal”. At least that anyone knows about. I don’t know how to expose her and not being what she says I am is not working. Its like she really is a witch who cast a magic spell on everyone because the one she had on me stopped working. My daughter and I are suffering simply because people are judgemental and greedy, and emotionally void without any empathy or guilt. How do you fight what is irrational with rationality, how do you use common sense to destroy the senseless, how can you beat the illogical with logic? Any answers?……..Anyone….Anyone…….


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