Crazy Enough

while you all sit in here and discuss the future of our families and children on the issues of child care and affordable housing for the poor or low-income.. And  
continue to see how more and more funds are cut from those programs with little to no remorse. I can’t help  but start to believe there is a deeper more dark and sinister reason that the members of our government have for cutting the programs and budget of families and children. They all know that soon those wont be needed in the amount they are now because they are taking our children and are not planning on stopping anytime soon. They know the need for those programs will start to diminish the more and more of our children they are allowed to take away. This entire state, this entire government, all the way up to the highest levels are involved in the Human trafficking of our children. Look at the Heart Galleries and you will see a perfect example of the malicious and shocking  actions I am talking about. If that isn’t shocking enough to you let me say something that is going to turn your stomach and quite possibly incite a lot of rage in people, some even at me, but try to remember I am not them, I am their victim as well. What i am about to say is honest, sickening and completely based on Facts that  I experienced myself as well as thousands of families I have heard from all over the world.

        Those children that are on these cites…..are the unadoptable…..the ones they didn’t want, that were just “innocent” bystanders that ended up being a burden on the state.  They remove children and terminate the rights of parents hundreds of times every year here in Nebraska yet all I see on the site  are a few of them. The ones you don’t see are the adoptable children. The “beautiful ones”,  “the blond-haired blue-eyed” children. The children that already have been adopted by “loving families” because those children were chosen far ahead of time. They were bought and paid for before they were even “available” to be adopted……….Conspiracy??????  Am I Crazy????? I might be just crazy enough to see the truth>>>