People continue to tell me who I am,  as if they know me better than I know myself. That was probably true for a long time. Now that I know that my thoughts and actions have been focused on the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, I have begun to differentiate between what I was doing because it was just how I was trained and what I really want or believe in. My reality was unreal and my fantasies were the real me trying to come out from the place they had been isolated my whole life. They things I dreamt were actually the things that already existed way down inside of me that i had been forced to contain to prevent the abuse i had no idea was occuring.

Like everyone always told me I was negative or that i was a drama queen and over reacted to trivial things. In reality though, I am a very positive person. I try to be grateful for the things I have, despite the things i dont. I am easy to please and dont ask for alot (part of that is how i was trained to be, making sure i wasnt anymore of a burden on anyone) I can smile and joke through most situations. I get emotional sometimes because I am passionate about things that I love and that really matter. I fight for those I love even when I know they wont do the same, which I suppose is also one of my downfalls. I am a nerd and have been most of my life, despite the appearance and attempts at trying to fit in, i do not. I dont really fit in anywhere,  never have and hopefully never will. To conform would be a tragedy. To follow the masses without recognizing my own thoughts and feelings and morals and beliefs would be suicide. I must speak up, I must use my voice. Yes i am some of the things, in fact probably most of the things they say I am. The difference is they are making my character traits that are positive into negative flaws to suit their false beliefs about me. Well thats fine. I dont care one bit what others think about me. My problem is that everybody else cares what everybody else thinks about me, they spread rumors and lies, gossip like high school girls, and use the system and any one else they feel they need to acheive whatever it is they are hoping to gain. It doesnt matter the cost to the others involved. It ends up being a bunch of selfish narcissists teaming up together, knowingly or not, to acheive a goal. They will eliminate eachother one by one until they are the last one standing no matter what the cost. If your like me, you were so totally blind sided by the leap to the twilight zone you still cant see straight. Your reality has now become like a movie, the matrix only you took both pills. 
All of the things in my life I have been through and Im still surprisingly just as crazy as i have always been only now im fully aware of the evil and im still positive most of the time. I see beauty in the world, I have a deep down sense that its all OK for lack of a better description. Its a calming reassuring feeling that lets me know that I am right where i need to be, even if I dont know why. I can look back on my entire life and see the events that have all been leading me to right now, right here. As much as it hurts me and as badly as I miss her, I believe she knows what is happening and is far stronger than anyone of us really knows. I hurt for her, but when i feel really down, she lets me know she loves me by sending me hearts in everything i look at. Even making sure others see it knowing I would likely talk myself out of believing it was really her sending them. She has made sure that her attempts are known and quite obvious for others as well as me. If she can do that I can only imagine what she is really capable of. She is amazing and she would not want me to back down either. She would want me to fight for what i truly believed was right. She is fighting with me, i feel it. I have faith in my children and I have faith in myself. I have faith that what is meant to be will be and that one day soon they will both be coming home to me



The answer is Yes

When you discuss your feelings with your mother, does she try to top the feeling with her own?  yes

When you discuss your feelings with your mother, does she try to top the feeling with her own?  yesDoes your mother act jealous of you?
Does your mother lack empathy for your feelings?  yes
Does your mother only support those things you do that reflect on her as a “good mother”?  yes
Have you consistently felt a lack of emotional closeness with your mother?  no
Have you consistently questioned whether or not your mother likes you or loves you? yes
Does your mother only do things for you when others can see?  yes
When something happens in your life (accident, illness, divorce) does your mother react with how it will affect her rather than how you feel?  yes
Is or was your mother overly conscious of what others think (neighbors, friends, family, co-workers)? yes
Does your mother deny her own feelings? i dont know
Does your mother blame things on you or others rather than own responsibility for her feelings or actions? yes
Is or was your mother hurt easily and then carried a grudge for a long time without resolving the problem? yes
Do you feel you were a slave to your mother?  in a way
Do you feel you were responsible for your mother’s ailments or sickness (headaches, stress, illness)? yes
Did you have to take care of your mother’s physical needs as a child? no
Do you feel unaccepted by your mother? yes
Do you feel your mother was critical of you? yes
Do you feel helpless in the presence of your mother? yes
Are you shamed often by your mother? yes
Do you feel your mother knows the real you? no
Does your mother act like the world should revolve around her? yes
Do you find it difficult to be a separate person from your mother? yes
Does your mother appear phony to you? yes
Does your mother want to control your choices? yes
Does your mother swing from egotistical to a depressed mood? no
Did you feel you had to take care of your mother’s emotional needs as a child? no
Do you feel manipulated in the presence of your mother? yes
Do you feel valued by mother for what you do rather than who you are? no
Is your mother controlling, acting like a victim or martyr? yes
Does your mother make you act different from how you really feel? yes
Does your mother compete with you? yes
Does your mother always have to have things her way? yes
Note: All of these questions relate to narcissistic traits. The more questions you checked, the more likely your mother has narcissistic traits and this has caused some difficulty for you as a growing daughter and adult.


Part 1

On September 20, 2016, a hearing took place in the separate juvenile court of douglas county to decide whether the mothers(a pro se litigant) visit should be suspended with her seven-year old daughter. The reason stated was that the mother had made threats to case professionals and therefore safety to the child was considered 
The mother was not informed of this hearing by proper service, because the worker, Jill Johnson, submitted a sworn report stating the last known address for the mother was 1626 Victor St, which is where she was living when removal occurred two years ago. Since this time Jill has been to mothers new home in person, and visits had been approved to occur in the home a short time later. The guardian ad litem for the child states in an email that she sent the information to the mother at her address on Park Avenue, which was in fact the correct address, on the same day this hearing to suspend visits was taking place. Also at the same time the worker was turning in a sworn statement that the last known address was not park ave but on victor st. The reason that the mother was able to see the court order at all was due to her inviting everyone to a family team meeting at her home due to the reports to the court that they did not know if mother had a home or not. In the process of attempting to avoid a family team meeting in the way it should always have been required(yet only occurred correctly once) this order was shown to mother. The mother also was informed in the beginning that it was the workers belief that a family team meeting with all of us there were not a good idea due to “hostility” between family members and that she would like to meet privately with the mother. *2**3*

The therapist in this case, who has sessions with the child only has continued to express her opinions to the court about a mother whom she has never spoke to, or had therapy with. The child has not seen her mother for 6 months therefore there could be no possible way that the therapist could blame the mother and have knowledge of the mothers behaviors from the child. There is also the fact the IDI on the child has two different logos, two different addresses, different information contained in each, and obviously different signatures on them yet admitted to court as Exhibit 11, one document. One of these has many lies and heresy that, had the therapist practiced due diligence, would have been easily disproven as it is all public knowledge. There was no prenatal exposure to meth on Kiyah as claimed, mother was wearing a drug patch for the state while getting her son back during her pregnancy with Kiyah. She has never been charged or incarcerated for methamphetamines as stated, nor has the mother been hospitalized for suicide attempts. *4**5**6**7*

Then there’s the fact that the judges orders are Void Ab Initio due the original call alleged only drug use by the mother and she was adjudicated only on engaging in domestic violence. An incident that occurred seven months before removal in which time a significant change in circumstance had occurred which made removal unnecessary. Nebraska statute states that the original allegations are required  to be relevant or related to the adjudication for it to be court substantiated which they are not. The mother challenged the jurisdiction of the court at two separate hearings and the judge all but ignored the challenge and attempted to trick the mother into giving him jurisdiction by telling her she had to ask for another hearing for that, which according to federal courts is false. *8* *9* *10**11*

The Judge also has shown extreme bias due to the mother choosing to represent herself in this matter, repeatedly informing her that if she continued pro se she was going to lose her daughter, and then asked the maternal grandparents what they planned to do to keep their rights when she lost hers.

The Summons served to the mother at 1626 Victor was not dated until the day after it was given to mother and the child removed. The affidavit attached to the petition was full of lies, misrepresentation, multiple levels of heresy, and irrelevant facts, Most of which come from the grandmother (Carol Simonsen) who was never a witness to any of the events that occurred. She could have had no first hand knowledge of how the real course of events went. She also admitted to forging the mothers signature to enroll child in school claiming she could not find the mother, yet in the affidavit she states that she picked Kiyah up for school every morning and fed her dinner at night because if she did not then the child wouldn’t eat because the mother would fail to prepare a meal.

Then there’s the fact the call was made by the father who hopes to receive full custody of the child providing and obvious motifs. His name was released to me and he was denied immunity due to the state removing her from his care as well, though he took plea agreement he has never tested positive for any drug as the petition alleges she was removed under exigent circumstance from him as well as the mother for.

These facts are shocking and horrifying to anyone with children and have been the cause of severe trauma and parental alienation of this mother from her child, who once shared an extremely close bond which is also clear in the last removal proceeding where the same judge and GAL praised the mother for her parenting and bond with her daughter and the mother having her returned to her custody in just seven months, a record time to be in and out of the system. This mother has shown parental fitness and a committment to her children more than once, more than she ever should have had to. This family has been through 13 years of constant harassment from cps due to false allegations and malicious prosecution and it is time we return things the way they were before these heinous act so that this family can begin to heal and rebuild what is left of their relationship that the state and judicial system has destroyed maliciously and intentionally.

The first appearance hearing was not unitl 12 days after removal under ex parte orders, and the pretrial hearing was held with out her father or I present and the record of it was waived by the court. It also took place before mother had a protective custody hearing due to it being continued for her and not the father who plead to the allegations.

The mother suffered from ineffective assistance of counsel due to not providing mother with the IDI before the hearing and not presenting any evidence or cross-examining the writer of the report due to no negative things being said while she was testifying while letting the document and its contents go undisputed. A logical well known fallacy was used in closing argument when the P.D. argued it was a slippery slope the judge was traveling down allowing an incident from months before be included at that point. Mothers counsel then rested without presentation of evidence as shown in the court report. The P.D. also avoided the request to appeal from the mother *13* and left the state of Nebraska shortly after trial.

The P.D. that was then assigned to the mother informed her that she was extremely paranoid when the issue of the separate IDI’s was brought to her attention and she was fired. At which time the mother requested her case file to represent herself and was denied many times by counsel.

Chelsie Turner states in a message to mother that she has set up the same visit worker to supervise our visits as requested and then a few weeks later, contradicts her own statement by saying that one visit worker is very uncommon and that the judge could not enforce that so he would not have ordered it, when the earlier emails clearly show she had been informed of the mothers and judges wishes.

The child has come to visit with mother saying things like she is ruining a family because she is on drugs and has no job and no home, which obviously would not have come from anything the mother said to the child as claimed. The GAL ignored this fact when mother played to recording of this visit to her, instead becoming angry at the mother for “yelling” at her daughter, though they had been in a very noisy family fun center at the time.

The Mother informed everyone at a family team meeting at Brian’s office that she would be recording it and they stated that if mother would not stop recording that no one would speak. And the had me removed from the meeting with threat to call police because i was asking them questions and expecting an answer from them all while sitting in a chair in the meeting room with no violence occurring. She also states that if Mother chooses to record any of the meetings that the same thing will happen, so Mother has not attended due to the counter productiveness it would cause.

Pictures of Court Documents sent in emails has been edited by an unknown person, but quite noticeably so. With one paragraph repeating the same two sentences three times in a row. Another photo of the different signatures on the IDI was changed to be the same signature on both, only the mother kept copies of the same pictures hidden and has a picture of both to show the difference and the comparison between the two.

The GAL contradicts herself in the reason the child would not be able to be returned to her parents safely. The reasons range from not enough time spent on visits with father, to lack of suitable “independent” housing, and going so far as to tell the father he risks losing his rights too if he associates with the mother due to not understanding the risk posed by allowing the mother to be a part of their lives, which clearly shows the lack of intention of the state and the court to ever return the child back to her mother from the very beginning. As does the fact that she was rarely invited to a team meeting, never allowed to speak to child on the phone, never allowed to have copies or even be informed of the therapy sessions with the child. She has been left out, alienated, practically erased from this childs life maliciously. Before the visits were stopped Kiyah expressed her wish to live with her mother and when the visits were ended she then became “afraid” of the mother kidnapping her. A cause of this fear could be the fact the grandmother put a tracker on the child at that same time the visit stopped, causing an unnecessary fear of something that was never an issue before.

UNSUPPORTED: UnsupportedElement

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Unconstitutional to remove child based solely on witnessing parent being abused (Family policy act)

NCG #58 @109 Courts shall insist on agency attempting to prove neglect on the part of the mother(victim) Must also allege efforts mother made to protect children , the way in which those efforts failed, and the reasons why

NCG #59 @109 Should only remove child if proven by clear and convincing evidence that parent is unable to protect child even with state help


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6. First, the reasoning goes, parents are naturally more inclined and, thus, presumptively more motivated, to do well by their children than non-parents. Thus, Locke regarded a parent’s natural emotions as the principal motivating force for parents to act in the best interests of their children. Thus, as a general presumption, parents are considered to be more likely to do what is

best for their own children than are any other individuals. Under this reasoning, parents are

predetermined to see to it that the needs of their children are met and, all things being equal, are

more likely than others to do best for their children. natural bonds of affection lead parents to act in the best interests of their children.


7. A rehabilitation plan is a court-ordered plan, judicially fashioned and judicially determined. The court may not delegate this authority to evaluators, counselors, social workers, child protection workers, or probation officers. In re Interest of D.M.B., 240 Neb. 349, 481 N.W.2d 905 (1992


8.Under subsection (6) of this section, “reasonable efforts, under the direction of the court” means

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Forced separation is a serious infringement upon the right of both parent and child

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Vital importance, curbing over zealous suspicion and intervention on part of official

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The state may not interfere when a fit parent is available

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no judicial process whatever form it may assume, can have any lawful authority outside its jurisdiction and judges orders are not voidable but void and have no legal force or effect

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Stating claim and exercising rights cannot be made into a crime

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they constitute no justification and all person concerned with executing such judgement or sentences are considered as trespassers of the law and will be punished as such

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Unconstitutional to remove child based solely on witnessing parent being abused (Family policy act)

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the Welfare of C.S. (January 21, 2010). Termination of parental rights reversed where State did offer to give biological mother with any of the services it provided the foster-mother to discuss child’s special needs.

In re the Dependency of Tyler L. (June 11, 2009). Dependency court erred in suspending mother’s visitation with children, because no concrete risk of harm was shown.

In re the Dependency of M.S.D. (May 12, 2008). Dependency reversed because mother’s decision to be in relationship with man who had 10-year-old criminal conviction did not constitute abuse or neglect. Court holds that “while continuing contact with the man in question may not be ideal, it is not within the province of the state to make significant decisions about the custody of children merely because it could make a ‘better’ decision.”

In re the Interest of S.G. (August 30, 2007). Termination of parental rights reversed where trial court found there were no specific parental deficiencies evidenced but terminated father’s rights anyway “on the off-chance that he may have a problem unknown to the state.”

In re the Dependency of T.L.G. (January 16, 2007). Juvenile court’s suspension of parental visitation with dependent children improper where not based on a showing of risk to their children’s health, safety, or welfare, but rather as a sanction for failure to comply with court orders or services

Sieffert v. Dep’t of Soc. & Health Servs. (In re G.A.R.), 137 Wn. App. 1, 150 P.3d 643 (2007). Termination of mother’s parental rights was reversed where mother was not present at hearing; trial court admitted several exhibits that were adverse to mother without her counsel objecting; and court could only speculate as to strengths in mother’s case that might have been revealed by competent counsel.

State v. Johnston, 156 Wn.2d 355, 127 P.3d 707 (2006). The court ruled that RCW § 9.61.160, consistent with the First Amendment, must be construed to prohibit only to true threats. A “true threat” is a statement wherein a reasonable person would foresee that the statement would be interpreted as a serious expression of an intention to inflict bodily harm upon or to take the life of another person. Conviction reversed where instruction to jury defined “threat” too broadly.

State v. Vermillion, 112 Wn. App. 844, 51 P.3d 188 (2002). Trial court erred in denying defendant’s requests to represent himself on the untenable ground that he lacked the necessary skill and judgment to secure himself a fair trial; defendant’s request was timely, unequivocal, knowing, and intelligent.

State v. Ancira, 107 Wn. App. 650, 27 P.3d 1246 (2001). Order prohibiting contact between defendant and his minor children was stricken because it violated his fundamental right to parent

State v. Barker, 75 Wn. App. 236, 881 P.2d 1051 (1994). Conviction reversed because defendant was denied his constitutional right to represent himself at trial.

The United States Supreme Court has stated: “There is a presumption that fit parents act in their

children’s best interests, Parham v. J. R., 442 U. S. 584, 602; there is normally no reason or

compelling interest for the State to inject itself into

the private realm of the family to further

question fit parents’ ability to make the best decisions about their children. Reno v. Flores,

507 U. S. 292, 304. The state may not interfere in child rearing decisions when a fit parent is

available. Troxel

v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000).

Consequently, Connecticut or any state can not use the “best interest of the child” standard to substitute its judgment for a fit parent and parroting that term is “legally insufficient”to use in the court toforce parents to follow some arbitrary standard, case plan or horse and pony show. The State cannot usurp a fit parent’s decision making related to parental spending for their children, i.e. child support without either a demonstration the parent is unfit or there is proven harm to the child. In other words, the state and Child Protective Services can not impose a standard of living dealing with the rearing of children. When they violate this fundamental right, they would be intruding on the family’s life

and liberty interest. The 1st Amendment bars such

action because the rearing of children and the best interest of children is often based on ones

religious beliefs, i.e. the separation of church and state. By the state imposing any standard of

living or the rearing of children, they are putting forth a religious standard by their actions i.e.

how you act, what to feed the child, how to dress the child, whether or not to home school and so

on. The courts and the state lack jurisdiction on what goes on in the

home even if they do not agree with the choices made by parents. It’s none of the state’s business on how you are to raise your children. They can not falsely

accuse parents of abuse or neglect just because they disagree with the method or the standard in which they live.

Unless CPS can provide the proof of parental unfitness, the state and the Juvenile Courts can’t make on behalf of the parents or for the child unless the parent is adjudicated unfit. And as long as there is one fit parent, CPS can not interfere or remove a single child.

CASE status determination- The finding that a child abuse or neglect allegation has enough evidence as defined by state statute (28-710)

a) Court substantiated- district or county or separate juvenile court has entered judgement of guilty on criminal complaint, indictment, or adjudication of jurisdiction on a juvenile petition under 43-247 (3)(a) and the adjudication relates or pertains to the same subject matter as the report of abuse or neglect (report was alleging drug use, adjudication was engaging in domestic violence)

b) Court Pending- a criminal complaint, indictment or info or a juvenile petition under 43-247(3)(a) has been filed and allegations of complaint relate to the same subject matter as the report

c) Agency substantiated- More likely than not that child abuse or neglect has occurred and court adjudication does not occur

d) Unable to locate

e) Unfounded

(reference statutory 28-720)


Im in so much pain and nobody cares. There are all these articles and studies and facts. They all say that what I’m experiencing is one of the most traumatic psychological experiences for someone to have. Yet, here I am alone facing the whole world cause no one believes that it could possibly be as bad as I think it is. They just look at me like oh well, deal with it, you deserve it. What could I have possibly done so bad in my life that it earns the punishment of being erased. I had a support system, until my own mothers long planned kidnapping of my kids and disposal of me was accomplished with the help of Child Welfare, NFC, and the Nebraska Seperate Juvenile Court. Now 2 and a half years after she was taken, its been over a year since I have heard her voice or seen her beautiful face. Im dying inside without her and Im screaming for help from every direction i can turn and getting nothing but blame and more pain and rejection. My hearings to gain visits back have been continued 3 times now, due to the unthinkable acts and obviously malicious acts of the court and numerous individuals in what can be considered nothing less than a conspiracy against me and my child to destroy our once close and loving bond.

On August 28 the first evidentiary hearing to regain visits was held. Mother had been representing herself until this time and this was the first hearing which her lawyer was present. All of the lawyers were called into the judges chambers, something that had never happened before in this case. For around 30 minutes they had a meeting while the mother was left in the court room alone with the caseworker who is not allowed to have contact with the mother alone for safety concerns and the visit specialist for the mother. The safety concerns where due to the mothers FB postings which were not name or directly refer to anyone and her threats to sue the workers and therapist for lying and violating their rights. No specific details that the mother could understand were ever explained. There was a vague agreement from all the lawyers involved that what was said was really said but mother still does not understand what was discussed that day. The hearing finally began and the first part of the hearing was mostly a discussion about the TPR, which to my knowledge is a whole separate case which we have not had a pretrial to because the mother does not understand the charges or why she is needing an attorney to state the facts which lead to the dismissal of this case as required by law. The therapist for the minor took the witness stand and proceeded to admit that therapy records were burned in a fire, not at Reliable Rock, but instead at her home. She also stated that Reliable Rock was no longer in business as of July 2017. Halfway through her testimony, another families case, that the mothers lawyer was also a part of, was the reason for a recess of the hearing to regain visits already suspended over a year ago for “threats to case professionals”, not to the child herself. The mother sat there in the court room and after about 45 min finally left, stating that when they became a priority, that they would let her know. The mothers lawyer convinced the mother to come back into the court room where the court was held for an additional 15 min before dismissing for the day. The evidentiary hearing was continued.

September 27, 2017 The hearing began once again with Mary A. testifying during our examination with her. During this time she admitted that she had only had one very cordial contact with the mother in which the mother came to discuss and IDI that had some discrepencies and false statements made about her. She testified the her reasoning behind the belief that the mother was unstable and a threat to not only her safety but her daughters safety as well, was a few case relevant photos and a threat to sue the therapist for liable due to the same IDI they had discussed the day they met. The mother has tried several times to reach out to this therapist to report what is occuring only to be accused and blamed for being hostile. The therapist own records validate what the mother is trying to express to everyone and yet they blame her for things that could not possibly be caused by her. She also testified that basing her recomendation on those things would normally be considered unethical behavior in her practice. Her testimony ended at 4:15 and the judge, anxious to get to an appointment he declared, chose to continue the hearing for another month instead of allowing the last witness to testisfy as requested by the mother.

October 26, 2017 Hearing resumed with the mother calling her visit specialist to the stand. As records show this mother and child had a loving bond and evidence of the alienation is evident through this testimony. Mother arrived late, only being present at the last half of the hearing due to another party in the case refusing the already agreed upon transportation there. The discussion then became about the mothers failure to get a psych eval. that has been the center of contravery from the very beginning of this case. Which is itself a problem because this original allegations were for drug use that, at trial, were unfounded. The mother was adjudicated for being a victim of domestic violence once in a relationship that ended for that reason seven months prior to her even being removed. Did I mention that it had already been part of an investigation that was closed because the minor had been staying at grandmas house since it happened. Which shows the mothers steps taken to ensure her childs safety were adequate.

The mothers visit were originally suspended in September of 2016 due to text and fb photos from more than 3 months prior. The mother was not informed of this hearing, did not attend this hearing, yet at the time was representing herself. The judge allowed three witness to testify against the mother that day subsequently denying the mother her right to visits with her child without allowing cross examination, or the opportunity to defend herself.

The mother has been consistently telling the professionals in this case the truth and trying to show them what is really occuring. They pretend like she doesnt exist, like the relationship she once had with this beautiful healthy energetic and outgoing little girl who showed no signs of abuse from her, is just irrelevant and using the cover that it is in the best interest of the child to never see her mother again. A mother that she has repeatedly asked to see and live with in letters written to the judge as well. The mother has hard facts and circumstantial evidence to back up her statements and beliefs and the state has provided lies, heresy, false allegations, and less than credible witnesses.

If this information isnt enough to scare you……..i pray for you……….but wait theres so much more…..just as bad perhaps even worse crimes in this case being committed without consequence or indifference to this families health and safety. And it is ongoing. It is not stopping. It is still happening. There is no signs of slowing down. The signs say, without someone to help fight something so big, the loss of something far bigger is inevitable. My relationship with my children mean everything to me. They are my world and I have proven i am a fit parent many times and in more ways than one. Even in the eyes of this court I am a great mother who doesnt need parenting assistance. I have loving strong bond with my daughter as well, from the judges own mouth. So can someone please explain to me why this is still happening to us? Why isnt someone besides me able to see this horrible injustice taking place causing irrepareable injury to this mother and child with no true cause or justification for such terrorism and harrassement?


Seems to me as if everyone wants to be able to control someone else. They dont like what they say or do or believe so they try to change them. They try to control them by making them not do or do certain things. As children we know we have to listen to our parents and act according to what they say is right or what we should do. We anxiously await the day when we are officially an adult and dont have to worry about following their rules or being punished for not coming home by curfew. We count down those days sometimes for years before our birthday. We do all this in anticipation of freedom only to find out freedom doesnt exist. When we become an adult, we may not have to care or worry about what our “parents” rules are or what they say or think, but along with gaining our personal freedom from them, we also gain a handful more people who’s opinions and rules matter. We become responsible for our own actions which causes us to now be controlled by society as a whole. Now we are under the power and watch of the government, our bosses at work, our family and friends, and anyone else who decides they want to stick their noses in our business instead of minding their own.

On a side note, part of the reason for this is because as parents we are failing to teach our children about respect, courtesy, poise, and privacy most of all. Parents become wrapped in their own work lives and making sure we look “normal” to society by focusing on them attending school and participating in extra curricular activities that we forget about showing them the basic principals to human interaction. Parents overlook the fact that kids need to be shown how to respect eachother and they need to be taught the concept of live and let live, teamwork, and family. Without these basic understandings, we, as humans, become disrespectful, nosey, obnoxious, pushy, greedy, and disloyal to those around us through out life which makes this world a very cruel and cold place to live in. It also allows them to feel that they can and should be able to control actions of other people around them instead of respecting the other person and who they are or what they believe as we should.

There is no reason I or the state should need to pay for a lawyer to represent me simply due to not knowing court procedures. At this point in the game, a new lawyer will spend more time going over my own research and in the court room than anything. I know this case like i know my name. I couldn’t forget the facts or evidence or lack therof if I tried. I know the laws, which ones where broken, and which ones were followed. I know how my daughters and my rights have been taken from us and who the guilty parties are. When I have finally won this portion and have regained custody of my child, I know who and specifically what each them have done to violate them and the laws they broke and they will all be brought to the courts attention and punished for their actions.
But my first concern as should be yours, is the well being of my child. The state has made it very clear from the beginning that they have no interest in what that really is. I have had to ask repeatedly for info and paperwork and been denied and alienated from the entire process. Ive been through this before again without real cause, and i know how its suppose to work. They have no interest in family preservation. In fact, I am not allowed to associate with her father or we been told that he risks losing her. That is a problem in itself because he is the one who made the phone call and false allegations. So not only is it a conflict of interest but another couple of laws that are being broken.
Immunity being the first as well as her fathers privacy because he was named in court docs. The state has never since day 1 given any specific, relevant, or invalid reasoning for their belief in a safety risk to her. Thus far they have been allowed to get away with not providing proof. They have destroyed any resemblance of “normal” family life and divided us from the start. My daughter has blamed me for not having a normal childhood because the state has taken her away twice. She blamed me for having to testify in court and parrots the words of the workers and my mother in saying untrue, bad and hurtful things about me that she has heard them say. Yet I am the one not allowed to speak to her about anything that is happening to us. I am being prohibited from being her mother or a protector. In fact, I am barely even able to be a friend to her. I have essentially been turned into a babysitter with a babysitter. They ignore my requests for more time, they ignore my concerns about the things she says and her worsening behavior and instead they blame me for them. But as visit notes will reflect it is not nor could it possibly be me causing it. The agency and the state have done exactly what they have accused me of. They abused their power have stepped all over my daughter and I. They have disgraced the constitution and laws of this land with blatant disregard for our health , safety, welfare, and happinges. Our rights and most importantly the best interest of my child require to to send her home and revoke the current P.O. against me and dismiss this case with prejudice.


This case has been plagued with uneducated opinions, bias perceptions, one sided false statements, perjury and severe negligence by all officals involved. The mothers reasonable fact based, evidence based, concerns regarding pathogenic parenting and alienation have ben either ignored or treated as a mental disorder existing in the mother despite an enormous amount of evidence to the contrary and numerous attempts to get anyone to listen or prevent more trauma to kiyah and i than was ever truly, legally and ethically necessary 2017


Inconsistent findings regarding mathers mental health and db were contrary to the conclusion that mother had not made progress in alleviating the conditions that led to removal as adjudication of neglect was based on conditions from Domestic violence