1. Juvenile court lacks subject matter jurisdiction for the following reasons; A. Neb. Rev. Stat 28-720; 28-720.01, NAC 390 4.008.01 Original allegations must be related or relevant to adjudication to be classified as court substantiated otherwise must be unfounded. B. Judge did not follow law when he refused to address challenge to his jurisdiction, which […]

Definition, Statute’s

Nebraska Revised Stat. 28-707(1), 28-603, 28-604 43-247(3)(a) 43-215 43-229 28-716 Caller immune from liability Was minor knowinglly, intentionally, or negligently A. Placed in a situation endangers life and limb or physical health B. Cruelly confined or punished C. Deprived of food clothing or shelter D. Sexually exploited E. Victim of Trafficking Physical neglect- Failure to […]

disposition hearing notes

Disposition hearing report Pg 2. Expressed Preferences Would like to stay living with brother and grandparents, but misses mom (contrary to all future reports) (evidence of pathogenic parenting) Mary Atwood contacted several times prior to mothers adjudication, yet only an IDI had been ordered for child. Why so many contacts made? Speaking with Devonyle helped […]

Kicking Ass

Kicking ass and taking names, cause im done with al the childish little games Im finally standing up for myself like i should have before, and i wont take this shit from you anymore Im fighting for my rights and not giving up though im alone, im ok. I have the strength to do this […]


Something is wrong with a justice system that disregards us as a necessary symptom. Part of the problem that wont go away, so they make the best of it by making us pay Theres’ corruption in most that is no surprise, but they all end up with maney behind their lying eyes RIght then becomes […]


This is unbelievable and twisted, too outrageous to be scripted/ Its a complicated story to tell, Pain so bad it felt like hell/ Indescribably unjust and so unfair, Shocked at how many people simply dont care/                                        […]


Everyday in this country families are ripped apart by a system that breaks its own laws, defies its own mission statements and does so with almost total immunity. In many cases, it does so with the help of judges and lawyers. The major cause of the lack of accountability on the part of parents is […]